What is the warranty period of my guitar?

  • Click here to view or print: Jasmine instruments (non-Studio Series): KMC Music Inc. Acoustic Instrument Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Click here to view or print: Jasmine Studio Series instruments (JS-141, JS-241, JS341, JS-441): KMC Music Inc. Acoustic Instrument Five-Year Limited WarrantyAdditional Product Warranty Notes:Jasmine Limited Lifetime Warranty (1997): Electronics and Plating are not covered by warranty
    Jasmine Studio Five-Year Limited Warranty: Electronics and Plating are not covered by warranty

Who do I contact for warranty service for my guitar?

    • Please contact your place of purchase and request a warranty service evaluation. You’ll need a copy of your sales receipt for this. The dealer or service center will then contact KMC Music and request a return authorization number.

What if my place of purchase is out of business or in another state? 

    • Contact our customer service reps at [email protected] who can help you locate a local dealer or service center near you.

How long does it take to get a warranty service evaluation? 

    • Two or three days, usually. The dealer or service center will contact KMC Music for a return authorization number (RMA) and shipping instructions (customers are responsible for shipping charges to return products to KMC Music). Once KMC Music receives the instrument, the evaluation normally takes two or three business days.

What happens after the evaluation?

    • KMC Music will determine if the product is repairable. If so, repair work will be performed under the terms of the product’s warranty policy, and the product will be returned (prepaid) to the dealer or service center.

What if my guitar is not repairable? 

    • KMC Music will replace it with another one of equal value. In the case of a discontinued model, KMC Music will replace it with another of equal or greater value.

Is my warranty transferable?

    • No. All KMC Music warranty policies are valid only for the original purchaser with a warranty card on file or a copy of the original sales receipt as proof of purchase.

How can I order parts for my guitar? 

    • Contact your place of purchase to order parts. You’ll need to provide the model and serial number of the product to do this, and a copy of your sales receipt if the part is under warranty.

What does a limited lifetime warranty policy really mean? 

    • Under our limited lifetime warranty policy, KMC Music covers all parts and labor for anything deemed defective during the first two years that you own the product. After that initial two-year period, KMC covers parts for anything deemed defective as long as you own the product. You are responsible for repair labor charges (please note that all electronics, machine heads and strings are not covered under warranty).

How much is my guitar worth? 

    • The best source for information on the value of your instrument is your nearest Jasmine dealer, who is knowledgeable about the products and the market in your area.

How do I find out information about my older Jasmine guitar?

    • Please refer to our Discontinued Models Specifications Chart, by clicking here.